The Green Goblin: How it Should Have Looked

I am a huge Spider-man fan and was really excited in 2002 when I heard they were making a Spider-man film.  Sam Raimi was directing and it was going to star Tobey Maguire and feature the Green Goblin.  Awesome!

The Green Goblin is a really cool villain.  He looks like a goblin, flies around on this cool glider, throws pumpkin bombs, and knows Spider-man’s true identity.  I couldn’t wait to see how this would be portrayed in a film.


It is just done completely wrong.  That is not how the Green Goblin should look.  That isn’t how anything should look.

I guess I can understand that this was supposed to be a mecha-suit armor version of the Green Goblin, but it just doesn’t look good.  The suit looks stiff and the face is stuck in this awkward open-mouth snarl.  We can even see Willem Dafeo’s face through the eyes and mesh-mouth.

It just look ridiculous.

It turns out that Sam Raimi rejected what would have been a great looking Green Goblin.  This article from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts shows the prototype rejected by Sam Raimi.

That looks amazing!  That is almost exactly what I pictured the Green Goblin to look like in a movie.

That seriously looks incredible.  The mask’s facial features move realistically and can really be used to convey some great emotion.

More emotion.

Less emotion.

I guess Sam Raimi said that he didn’t think the audience would believe a mask would be that animated when slipped onto someone’s head.  Bad choice.


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