A Death in Family Guy: What Does it Take

In last week’s episode of Family Guy, Brian died. In the middle of the episode he suddenly gets run over by a car while he was running across the street.

It was something that was violent, sudden, shocking…

…and kind of confusing.

To give a little back-story, it has been publicized for the last month that someone on the show Family Guy is going to die. They wouldn’t say who, but everyone guessed it to be Meg.

I know I did.

Meg is worthless. She is rarely used at all in any episodes any more. She is just the punchline of a joke at best and nobody would miss her (not even the Griffins).

Also, she is voiced by Mila Kunis.

This is the only photo I could find of her.

I just assumed because she is becoming more popular and being in more movies she wouldn’t have time to voice a throw-away character like Meg.

But nope…


One of the most likeable characters on the show, the only actual sane member of the family, and the voice for the audience watching.

“Yeah, but that’s life man. Bad Stuff happens sometimes and happens fast.”

But not in Family Guy.

When has anything ever mattered in Family Guy?

Just the week before Peter kissed himself so hard that his body turned inside out and he became a bouncy flesh-ball.

Peter Griffin ball

I wasn’t joking.

He then looks directly at the camera and says “And now, the next scene.”

Because that is what Family Guy is about.

Family Guy has always been more about the jokes and less about the character. You can watch the show and not have to worry about the long-term effects of any of the jokes.

It is Looney Tunes.

Did you worry when the Road Runner hurt Wile E. Coyote? No, because in the next scene he will be just fine.

Brian’s death on Family Guy is the same as a Bugs Bunny cartoon where a hunter that isn’t Elmer Fudd comes out of nowhere to shoot him and drag his bloody carcass off screen. Then all the Looney Tunes characters would gather around Bugs’s bloody mangled body to watch him literally die. The rest of the episode would consist of the funeral and going to the pound to pick out a new rabbit.

It just doesn’t make sense. It confuses the audience.


Family Guy has been getting stale and this could bring a little life into the series.

Also, there is an easy way to undo anything that happens on Family Guy…

Time Travel.

Time travel is a huge part of Family Guy. It is specifically a thing Stewie does with Brian all the time on the show. Stewie could just go back in time and save Brian somehow.

That could be actually really cool. A longer storyline that stretches multiple episodes would be nice to see in Family Guy. This could be leading up to the finale of this current season, or the writers could stretch the idea on for longer if they wanted. It would be interesting to have a whole season where there is no Brian or where Stewie is trying different things to save Brian’s life.

This IGN video also brings up a really good point about Family Guy’s love of Star Trek and how this could be leading up to one big Star Trek 3 reference. I could see that happening.


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