What is with the crowds in Forza 5?

Welcome to the first of an upcoming series of articles I would like to call:

What is with that?

This is the place where I will ask the important question, “What is with that?”


So dear reader, for the first time ever I ask…
What is with the crowds in Forza 5?

What is with that?

Those crowds look straight out of Crusin’ USA on the N64!

When the developer’s initially revealed the game, you can see that everyone in the crowd looked like detailed 3D models with unique animations.  The version of Forza 5 that was actually released however features a technique used video games two generations ago.

Can you feel the power of the next generation?

Ok, that is ridiculous.  Within a crowd of ten people, they used the same actress five times.  At first it looks like just three sprites of the same actress with two being the exact same sprite.  However, upon further inspection you can see that the laziness gets worse.  The sprite second from the right is actually standing in front of herself in a different color shirt, and the sprite of the woman on the bottom right is actually the same as the slightly lighter haired woman in green towards the left.  That is correct: five sprites are actually only two sprites of the same actress.

The fact that I call them sprites speaks towards the lack of sophistication present in the Forza 5 crowd.

All 64 bits of raw power!

Seriously, are we supposed to pay for quality like this on our brand new consoles?  The consumer expects more of a video game title on the new generation of consoles.  I would have expected more ten years ago.

This article does a great job at comparing the version of Forza 5 from E3 and the version that was actually released for sale.  It is clear that the version of Forza 5 that was released has been significantly downgraded from the version shown before its release.

This brings into question the ethics involved in showing the public a feature that is not present in the current product being sold.  The consumer of Forza 5 has been deceived, lied to, and sold a product that is drastically inferior to not only what was promised in trailers, but inferior to what is expected of any video game in this generation or the one before it.

So, I’ll ask again….

What is with the crowds in Forza 5?


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